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Compact Camping Saw

We’ve all made due with shoddy folding camp saws. Here is the answer to our prayers, a rugged, quality-construction compact camping saw.

Compact Camping Saw

Many of us carry a folding camping saw, but when it comes time to cut wood, we reach for another tool entirely. We’ll use our camp axe or our knives to cut the firewood into manageable lengths. There is a place and time for a knife or an Axe and this just isn’t it.

The Sven Saw, available in a 15″ version and a 21″ version, is lightweight, easy to use and easy to store. Its blade folds safely away in the frame when not in use. The Swedish steel blade can rip through a six-inch log in about a minute.


When not in use, the blade folds into the handle, which serves as a protective sheath, for safe transport, and make this quality saw very compact and easy to pack!

15" Sven Saw
15″ Sven Saw


Replacement blades are available for both the 21″ and the 15″

This is a rugged portable saw that is quick to deploy and makes short work of wood-cutting camp chores. Every Bug Out Bag and camping kit should have at least one of these handy compact camping saws!


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