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How to Survive an Air Raid? Free Survival Guide!

In the past, air raids turned vibrant communities into rubble. Lives ended in a snap without an opportunity to fight back.In this generation where kids enjoy their iPads, Xbox, and school allowance, it would...

Complete List of SHTF Prepper Lingo (Terms, Abbreviations, Acronyms)

Especially for newbie but also veteran preppers alike, the multitude of jargon used in the prepper community can be confusing.For your easy reference, (and my own), I decided to create what I'm proud to say...

Must Have Items for Your INCH Bag

In case you were wondering, INCH = I'm Never Coming Home. The traditional definition of an INCH bag is that it’s an “over-sized bug out bag”. INCH bags are supposed to keep us safe in...

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