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Prepping & survival is made easier with the gear from the gods. Geek Prepper discusses and reviews all types of gear 

Stack-On Gun Security Cabinets

Do you securing your weapons, and now we can show you an economic solution to do just that. The Stack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet is a great way to provide that security.Stack-On Gun Security...

Firearms for Home Defense

How will you defend your home and loved ones should you be subjected to a home invasion or other violent crimes in your home? Are you prepared to use Firearms for home defense ?Firearms...

Gerber MP600 Pro Scout Review

I've been seeing the with the fancy RemGrit blade and Fiskars scissors and thought to myself that the Gerber Mp600 Pro Scout would be the multi-tool to get next.Gerber MP600 Pro Scout Review This review will cover the...

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