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Bug Out Destinations – Where you going to go?

Planning to Bug Out? Have you made a plan as to where you are going? What are your potential bug out destinations?

Bug Out Destinations

If it comes down to bugging out, where are you headed?

Have you done any research into your potential bug out destinations?

  • Do you have to drive there?
  • Can you walk there?
  • What is the population density of that area?
  • Will the population increase after SHTF?
  • Are there any barriers that can prevent you from getting there? Bridges, rivers, etc.
  • What or who will you encounter once you get there? Do you anticipate any surprises?

You should do some research into population densities in your area or in the area you plan to get to.

Here is a Population density by County map, obtained via a simple Google search.


Here’s a similar search using Google Images.

If you have to bug out, your best bet would be to aim for one of the less populated areas. Optimum areas may have less than 10 people per square mile. If that’s not realistic, try to get someplace with the least people possible, until you can figure out the situation and come up with a plan.

Once you have your destination in mind, make sure to have some maps of your area, so you can get there via multiple routes and by foot, if need be!