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Benefits of Composting

It’s Spring! That means it’s time to start getting ready to plant a garden. This year instead of tossing your fruit and vegetable waste and lawn waste in the garbage bin, you can reap the benefits of composting your organic waste.

Benefits of Composting

There are numerous benefits to composting your kitchen scraps and lawn clippings.

Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Compost enriches soils
  • Compost helps cleanup contaminated soil
  • Helps the soil with moisture retention.
  • Reduces Plant Diseases
  • reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, while still promoting higher yields of crops.
  • Compost is an erosion deterrent
  • Compost helps prevent pollution

Compost Pile or Compost Tumbler?

You can use a Compost pile, if that strikes your fancy. I prefer a compost tumbler. I live in a subdivision, and prefer to keep all the compost in a tidy container. I’ve also found that the tumbler makes it easy to mix and rotate all the compost with just a few spins.

If you have never composted or used a compost tumbler, here’s how it works: Dump, Spin, Finished!

Benfits of composting your organic waste. Organic Waste in the compost tumbler.
Organic Waste in the compost tumbler.


Organic Waste after a quick tumble!
                    Organic Waste after a quick tumble!

My garden soil is going to be rich this year!

If you want to compost, you need to start now, it takes a couple months to get your compost. If you start now, you’ll have some really good stuff to supercharge next years garden!


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