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Altai Tactical Boots

My last pair of boots were looking a bit worn down, so I was on the prowl for some new boots. Out of the blue, I get contacted, to see if I’m willing to test and review a pair of Altai Tactical Boots. They have no idea what they are getting into. Do they?

Altai Tactical Boots

A few weeks had gone by, and I had almost forgotten about the Altai Tactical Boots, that I had agreed to review, when the UPS man dropped off a large box.

It was the boots!

The Altai Tactical Boots advertise that they can be worn with “no break in” period. Ha. I’m no fool, I’ve been down this road before. Like I’m going to slap on a new pair of boots and head into the forest with no other options.

Rookie move.

Design and Construction

  • Light Weight materials
  • Waterproof, but breathable
  • Vibram® Soles
  • Non-rusting speed lacing system
  • SuperFabric® upper

You can read more about these features and the construction: https://www.altaigear.com/tactical-boots/key-features/

First Impressions

I opted to wear these, for the very first time, to mow my yard. That will give me just over an hour of wear, which should give me a good idea of comfort and wear.

My first impression of these boots, was how light weight they were. These things couldn’t weigh more than 25-30 ounces (mine are men’s 11.5). Very nice.

I mowed almost the entire yard, and my feet felt fine. My legs weren’t exhausted from dragging around heavy boots, like my old work boots, but I had just gotten to the tough part of the backyard…the Hill!

The hill is a slippery and treacherous part of my backyard, that runs the entire width of my property. Even eager and energetic teenagers, who beg to mow my grass, for money, won’t touch it. The Hill will show these boots who’s boss and break my spirit.

Boy, was I wrong. The tread on these boots dug right in. I don’t think I slipped once, and the light weight design made a big difference on my endurance and energy reserves. My feet, and legs felt great. I finished the yard, rather impressed.

That’s just mowing. New boot orientation. Footwear 101. Now the games begin!

Review Methodology

I have seen other reviews on boots, and I’m not picking on anyone, but reviewing boots, requires more than strolling down the sidewalk and jumping into a few rain puddles.

“Eek, did you see me? I got them wet. Look how tough I am.”

If I’m going to review boots, I am going to live in them. I’m going to climb, slip, and stomp around for more than a day or two. When I review any gear, like a boot, I’m not trying to make the supplier happy. I am very clear about that right from the beginning.

“Hi, John, will you test our product and write a review?”

“Sure I’d love to. If they’re good, I’m going to say their good. If they suck, I’m sure going to say that they suck.”

“Ummm, ok….”

“Free boots that suck don’t help anyone, so if you are ok with that, lets do this”.

Some companies don’t ever send the product after that, some do. Altai didn’t even hesitate. They seemed pretty sure of themselves.

Further Testing

I’ve been wearing these boots for all my outdoors activities for about 3 weeks now. I’ve worn them hiking. I’ve worn them camping. I’ve worn them doing yard work. If it can be done outside, these boots have done it, and they are holding up great.

I can attest to the waterproof design of these boots. On most occasions I haven’t even had to change my socks while hiking, these boots stop the water. The one time I did have to pull my dry socks out of my pack, was because I stepped into a deep part of a creek, and the water was up to my waist. No boot is going to prevent water spilling over it’s top. I don’t blame the boots, I blame nature. Darn nature.

The space age materials dried very quickly though, so no harm done.

The tread on the Altai boots seems to dig right in to whatever surface I am moving across, I’ve rarely felt so sure-footed. It must be witchcraft…or space age materials, I don’t know which.

You know how it is at the end of a long day, you pull off your boots and your feet feel so light, that they can almost float? These boots are so light, that you almost don’t notice when they are on…or off.


These boots can take a beating and dish it out too. They are rugged and after I clean them up, they still look like great.

Cleaning and Maintenance

That’s right, I just sprayed them off with a hose. EVERY TIME!

If you really test a boot, then won’t come out looking shiny and new. This is how you end up with boots that look like they’ve seen work.

These boots have been around the block… You know what I mean!


Final Opinion

I have got to be honest, these boots are pretty fantastic. I am preparing to order a 2nd pair, so I can rotate them! These boots run about $130 (free shipping) and are worth every penny. These Altai Tactical Boots are now my Go-To boots!


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